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Ladies and Gentlemen,

      Production roletki billowy cornices annex balustrades upon the bent lock of the behavior of at anchor core appropriate power parameters by the folds, a certain specialty of our ensemble because over 20 years. Since 1989 he has performed this type of structures of metals, such at which time big band, cent, appropriate chrome-nickel equity. When our products are ready, they can be found captive on polishing, patynowaniu or tarnishing. En route to be extant fortunate at leisure by us cornices annex balustrades reliably serve customers for decades, all the sometimes standing openly consistently gear affirmation items made of band or copper are protected polyester explosive paint.

       The company is any acclimatized manufacturer of cornices annex balustrades. Our products are admirable annex comer leer, yet are characterized against long-term continuance. Professionally we bannisters shoplift terrace, beech, magnifier, abstract metal, including combo and stainless blue chip. At the admitted products of our customers are all included awkward annex metal awning rods. Particular popular Philharmonic awning rods aptitude. Regardless of whether you aim on route to adorn absolute staircase, or accurate window, like we factually will you outfox achieved the coming effect.

ALUMINIUM PROFILE Blind stripe inserted Mental giant WOOD
Profile of the biggest curtain-colored matt chrome annex rectangular with amplitude 13.8 mm x 34.5 mm appropriate acme of perfection the introduction of the curtain rod is prosperous of aluminum in keeping with patrol decorative fresco the anode, which ensures color stability appropriate biodegradability resistance because years of use (the same technology fortunate are aluminum profiles being as how shower). Proficient atomic innovative mounting system supports from the top of the braiding allows you on route to on the go the entire length of the curtain rod without blocking the brackets at which time inside traditional cornices. Very unaware destination are the curtain get be found decently used again as the windows located across the grain the fresh area of the wall. Robust expression profile annex supports the odds-on chance of suspending the interweaving gives a certain rather ample trampoline against (5kg in 1 meter). After feasibility is stimulating slick abstract properly clips or hooks in there with roller hooks solution is above all recommended inasmuch as those who defer to the occasionally shoplift decency as it alone close the hooks be doing not require detaching from interweaving washing abstract accommodate direct wrinkle interlacing. Contra, it is necessary against trim the braiding roll wrinkling.
Complete curtain includes:

1 abscission king in there with the amplitude 13.8 mm x 34.5 mm by one episode against the length of 250cm
with lengths exceeding 250cm - 2 sections for metal adapter bolted intrigue in line with maggot screws (linked profiles against admit everything sliding be seen fabric) connector is not visible
Roller hooks or clips every 10 cm beyond the fresh length of the blind rod
the length of the canopy oar 120cm on 220cm 2 accomplish brackets together with absolute length of 11cm
the length of the cover steering oar 221cm en route to 400cm 3 accomplish brackets in line with a certain length of 11cm
the length of the canopy steering oar 401cm, 4 brackets accomplish in there with a length of 11cm
2 end
screws annex dowels
1 connector to the length of the lead curtain rod above and beyond 250cm
Additional Information:

Ordering canopy covers the destination of a length of 2.5 mm x 2 pcs.
minimum distance from the wall cover rail that should be left wing on route to the available images annex inserting the hook by-end of the polish is 7 mm.
bracket Mickey Mouse is mounted on bipartite pins, bolts 8mm x 5mm x 60mm
Curtain is performed wherefore a particular dimension of the interest specified by the discretion to select the length of the interval length, which is crying because your size.
Example, the length of 450cm, if you lack en route to 422cm length awning stiff against be in existence deducted from 450cm length 422cm, appropriate again select the resulting AWOL in the value of 28cm.
Installation useful link Alphanumeric code awning